Thursday, July 05, 2012

Look Good, Feel Good

I have been working hard to get back into shape. I'm really aiming to return to my pre-pregnant, nay, pre-wedding body shape. So I have been adding 5 days a week workout routine lately. A few months ago, I only managed to do 2-3 days of workout a week, and sometimes I still skip workout sessions simply due to laziness. But I want to ditch that bad habit of laziness, and really put my mind into it.

So here's the play by play:

- Aerobic Striptease (courtesy of Ms. Carmen Electra) 2-3x a week.
- Muay Thai 2x a week
- Running 1-2x a week

I switched aerobic striptease with pilates every once or two weeks, just so I won't get bored like I used to. I find the key to not feel bored, especially for those whose not really a big fan of working out like myself, is to switch up your workout routine often. It keeps challenging your body and your muscles for something new too.

I'm also trying to eat good. Be more healthy. Wish me luck.


  1. I need to take note of this! Gah! *enek sama berat badan sendiri*

    1. emang kamu naik brp kilo la up to this stage of ur pregnancy? kayaknya masih kecil aja kok hehe lebih gampang nuruninnya lagi nanti insya allah :)