Thursday, July 19, 2012

Puncak 1: Cibodas Park

We decided to have an impromptu trip to Puncak yesterday. It turned out to be a wonderful day. Left bright and early, we headed to Cibodas National Park. Cibodas National Park is basically a super huge park which preserves many vegetation located just about 4km from the entrance of Kota Bunga. The park is super beautiful. I suggested that those of you who has/hasn't got kids already, should take a trip there sometime. I kid you not, it's very beautiful. You can even have a picnic near the large pool by just hiking a bit to the top (you can also ride cars to take you there, or the park buggy). But remember to always keep the park clean!

"We're not too cool for local attractions!"

The park really has taken my breath away. Even baby A is really enjoying his time there running around freely and identifying many plants and trees. If you ask about the weather, not too worry, it can be hot but the cool wind definitely will make you feel like you're somewhere abroad with amazing parks.

Next stop: Taman Safari!

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