Thursday, July 19, 2012

Puncak 2: Taman Safari

Next stop, Taman Safari Indonesia! It has been about, what, 3-4 years since my last trip there? I got quite excited because apparently they've been renovating a lot since then.

Anyway. On our way there, although it wasn't his lunch time yet, and he just had 210ml worth of milk, baby A kept buzzing in our ears: "mamam?? mamam??" ("eat?? eat??"). So we decided to stop for lunch at Puncak Pass restaurant where he gobbled down kid's burger in record time. The husband and I shared fish and chips, bitterballen, croquette and pannenkoek (that's Dutch style pancake). Yum.

On our way down to Taman Safari, baby A snacked on his biscuits (is he hungry or what). He also managed to take a little nap before we entered the safari.

Excited seeing all the animals.

After we're done with the safari tour, we took stroll around Taman Safari's park to see other attractions. They have various rides for both children and adult. I'm pretty intrigued with the brand new 3D haunted house, but unfortunately they're closed that day for maintenance.

All in all, I gotta say, I'm really proud of our safari zoo. It looked amazing. Again, if you got kids already, take them there. Don't be too cool for our local attractions. Don't just go to the zoo only when you're abroad haha. We got a pretty awesome one here too. Even most expats I've encountered while we're there were pretty amazed too. They get to ride camels, elephants, horses and ponies!

Before we head back to Jakarta, we took a short stop at Cimory Riverside shop to buy some flavored milk and snacks.

On our way home, we were greeted by a ridiculous traffic jam. We were tired, baby A was super exhausted I'm sensing that he slept most of the whole way back, but it was a damn fine day.

Until our next trip!

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