Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bali August 2012 Trip: Part 3

Part 3 means up bright and early because on day 3 we went to Bali Safari & Marine Park! The ride itself to reach the destination took about an hour. Baby A slept the whole way there.

The park itself was amazing. International class. But of course. After getting our tickets at the entrance, we took the shuttle bus to the main park. Everything was orderly and super clean. Except of course some ignorant locals who tried to cut lines. Of course I had to glare and snap at them, making them fully embarrassed.

It was scorching super hot that day, the wind would help to ease the heat occasionally. I slather baby A with sun block often. Since it was almost lunch time, after we stroll around the park deciding what to do, we settled in UMA restaurant. The Italian food were delicious, surprisingly.

After lunch, we did the safari journey. With a safari bus, we drove around the park seeing lots of beautiful animals they had. It was quite short compare to the one in Taman Safari. But I reckon the animals were a lot more taken care of in the Bali park as they're all well groomed and looked fat haha.

After the safari journey, I'm in the mood for some cooling snack. I decided on the soft ice cream cone near the giant elephant statue. It was delicious! Then off we went to the marine side of the park. It was a very small aquarium space. But I heard they're expanding the marine area soon, so that's good to know.

It was around 4 in the afternoon when we're done with the whole Bali Safari thing. It didn't make any sense if we return to the hotel if we planned on having dinner somewhere around Seminyak area. So we drove to the area and had a little R&R at The Junction (located just across Seminyak Square). They have a super delicious Nutella Crepes! I swear. I didn't took any pictures because soon as the waiter handed me the plate, I devoured them in nano seconds. Afterwards we took a bit of a stroll around the area before heading to our next destination: La Sal Spanish restaurant. Excellent tapas and paellas. Great ambiance too. Worth a try.

That's all for day 3. Until part 4 of our vacation story!


These were taken last Sunday at the Shangri-La hotel, garden by the pool. I was wearing Zara stripes shirt, H&M leather shorts, Nine West gladiator wedges, Lanvin for H&M bauble necklace and Ray Ban Legend sunglasses.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

quotes of the day

-Harvey Firestone

The Westin Resort Bali

As mentioned in my previous post, we stayed at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua during our stay in Bali. Being a member of Starwood, we were very fortunate enough to be upgraded from the deluxe to Suites! Thank you, Starwood!

The Westin is very kid friendly if you're thinking of making this resort an option for when you go to Bali. They're very accommodating to children with the Kid's Club, Kid's-Only Pool, excellent choices of kid's meal, etc. Baby A had a blast staying there.

This cute and friendly little squirrel greeted us every day!

For more information go here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bali August 2012 Trip: Part 2

Hello. Welcome to our Bali trip part 2. Rise and shine, woke up early and had an amazing breakfast buffet at the hotel's coffee shop, Veranda. Baby A took a dip in the pool after breakfast before we all took a shower and get ready because we're heading to Seminyak for lunch!

Baby A insisted on having this Teddy Bear from the hotel

We had lunch at Warung Eropa (sorry, no pictures, we were so starved that we didn't took any pictures). I think the Crispy Balinese Duck are way better in Bebek Bengil, I'm not sure what's the hype here.. the duck was so oily and tough. However, the sambal matah was excellent!

After lunch, we took a stroll around Seminyak road because my mother wanted to do some retail therapy. Some of my fave shops are: Lost in Paradise, Somewhere, Biasa, and a few others.

Thirsty, and a bit in the mood for some late afternoon snacking, we headed to Biku. I must say, the place is so cozy and cute, we were very lucky to be able to get tables (long lines outside!) and over at the sofa too! I have to say, their cakes are super delicious. I had the most excellent scones EVER.

Once that done, we head back to the hotel because they've arranged a Kecak show for us over dinner by the beach. The hotel had a Balinese feast buffet spread out at the garden by the beach. So beautiful. Baby A was thoroughly enjoying his first Kecak experience that he even started dancing and chanting away in his baby chair --"

What an excellent second day, until part 3!