Monday, August 27, 2012

Bali August 2012 Trip: Part 1

Finally, we're heading to Bali! This is baby A's first ever trip to the island. Super excited to take him to the beach, properly.

So we took the Garuda 10am flight on Monday morning 20th August 2012. We got to the airport a bit too early, so we decided to have a little breakfast at the Garuda Executive Lounge. Baby A were so excited since the moment he woke up. He already developed a fondness of traveling, me thinks. During the whole flight, as always, he was super sweet and calm. Though he just can't seem to stop talking --" much to the annoyance of other passengers haha. But thank God, everyone seemed to think he's adorable and super cool.

Arrived in Bali in time for lunch! After getting our suitcases etc. we were picked up by our driver (hello, pak Pande!) and we decided to have lunch at Batu Jimbar. Bless the place to have a small deli store so I can buy baby A some milk and snacks for the rest of our stay in Bali.

If you go to Batu Jimbar, their brownies are a must try! Super moist and yummy. Baby A ate the stuffed chicken with fries. I shared a plate of cheese quesadillas and caesar salad with my mom. Yum.

Once lunch is done, we headed to our hotel in Nusa Dua. Yes, we were very fortunate enough to stay at The Westin (more about the hotel on the next post). Bringing a toddler along called for an accommodation who is glued together to the beach. Preferably a private beach like this one: (we can literally glide to the beach because it is that close)

We spent the rest of the day playing at the beach and took a dip at the hotel pool. It was a fun first day. Baby A had a blast. He was a little hesitant at first taking that first step into the sand, but afterwards, he wouldn't leave that we literally had to pick him up to cleaned him off.

Until part 2!


  1. Aaaa aku syuka Cafe Batu Jimbar! Sanur kan? Terakhir kesana taun 2008 cobak zzz. Oh I heard The Westin is super kid-friendly ya, kapan2 coba ah

    1. iya la The Westin is super kid friendly.. even their kid meals are super yummy :P