Monday, August 27, 2012

Bali August 2012 Trip: Part 2

Hello. Welcome to our Bali trip part 2. Rise and shine, woke up early and had an amazing breakfast buffet at the hotel's coffee shop, Veranda. Baby A took a dip in the pool after breakfast before we all took a shower and get ready because we're heading to Seminyak for lunch!

Baby A insisted on having this Teddy Bear from the hotel

We had lunch at Warung Eropa (sorry, no pictures, we were so starved that we didn't took any pictures). I think the Crispy Balinese Duck are way better in Bebek Bengil, I'm not sure what's the hype here.. the duck was so oily and tough. However, the sambal matah was excellent!

After lunch, we took a stroll around Seminyak road because my mother wanted to do some retail therapy. Some of my fave shops are: Lost in Paradise, Somewhere, Biasa, and a few others.

Thirsty, and a bit in the mood for some late afternoon snacking, we headed to Biku. I must say, the place is so cozy and cute, we were very lucky to be able to get tables (long lines outside!) and over at the sofa too! I have to say, their cakes are super delicious. I had the most excellent scones EVER.

Once that done, we head back to the hotel because they've arranged a Kecak show for us over dinner by the beach. The hotel had a Balinese feast buffet spread out at the garden by the beach. So beautiful. Baby A was thoroughly enjoying his first Kecak experience that he even started dancing and chanting away in his baby chair --"

What an excellent second day, until part 3!

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