Thursday, August 16, 2012

Holiday Starts Tomorrow!

It's the last week of fasting month. According to the calendar, all moslems will be celebrating Ied Fitri on the 19th of August. I can still remember perfectly back during elementary or junior high school days, I always felt the Ramadhan month couldn't be over any faster. As I grew older, it got easier with the fasting and all. Maybe that's why it felt the Ramadhan month is over way quicker.

Anyway. I'm really excited about the upcoming week. We're going on a little trip to Bali for the whole week! Hoorah! It's a first for baby A. Poor little guy has never seen a proper beach. Well, once or twice during our California trip back in 2011, but we barely spent any time playing on the sand because it was so freakin hot. Any-hoo. And once we return from our trip, we'll be celebrating baby A's 2nd birthday. Nothing too big and fancy.

Tomorrow is officially holiday! I secretly feel grateful because with the husband around, I'll have someone to help me watch over baby A with the absent of the nanny.

I'll write some more soon! Just want to fill in on what's happening.

Adios amigos.

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