Monday, September 03, 2012

Bali August 2012 Trip: Finale

This is it. The finale of our August 2012 Bali vacation. Our flight back to Jakarta is at 3pm with Garuda. We decided to take off early from the hotel to have lunch at Metis in Kerobokan, before heading to the airport.

The Bali airport is being renovated, hence, super chaotic. I almost passed out from the lack of air during check in. The flight was delayed for about 15 minutes, all executive lounges are full capacity. All seats are full on the waiting area because there's SO MANY people. Anyway, at around 3.30pm-ish, we were summoned to board the flight and we flew back home marking the end of our vacation.

Hope to see you again real soon, Bali. Until our next vacation and/or destination!

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