Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bali August 2012 Trip: Part 4

Day 4 in Bali (this is a re-cap in case you haven't been following *wink*) we decided to take things leisurely. As usual, after breakfast we went swimming. Then at around 11.30-ish, we decided to head to Seminyak area for lunch at Warung Made's where baby A finished half a plate of a huge portion of spaghetti meat sauce all by himself --" go figure.

After lunch, we took a stroll around the street then meet up with my dad, who just went to a business meeting all morning. I'm not sure why but the traffic in Bali was pretty bad that day. Late afternoon we decided to head to the SOS Supper Club at the Anantara Resort & Spa to catch the sun set. The view from the rooftop was breathtaking. The food? Meh. So-so. But the cocktails were superb. I had the mixed berry frozen margarita and the seafood chowder.

The sunset was beautiful although some heavy clouds were sort of blocking the view of the sun. Nevertheless it was still awesome. It was getting rather windy so we head back to the hotel and had dinner courtesy of room service ;)

Until day 5!

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