Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bali August 2012 Trip: Part 5

This is it. The last day of our Bali trip. The last day calls for a super leisurely day. The husband, baby A and I decided to stay back and just enjoy our last day just hanging around Nusa Dua area while my parents are off to Ubud.

Starting the day with breakfast and a morning swim.

After we cleaned up, we took a shuttle bus to Bali Connection, which is sort of like an outdoor shopping center (they have Sogo department store, outdoor restaurants, souvenir shops, surf shops, etc. shame it was pretty deserted) and on to The Bay Nusa Dua to have lunch at Bebek Bengil. Baby A ate a whole chicken and half of adult's rice portion! Then we stroll around Nusa Dua The Bay's beach which I thought were super beautiful! Not many people crowding the beach as it is still part private beach.

Baby A managed to take a short nap while we took a short coffee break at Starbucks. Then its time to catch the shuttle bus back to our hotel. We wanted to have our last beach time.

For dinner we head back to The Bay. Benihana time! The restaurant was located in this beautiful beautiful two floors building. Very chic and ultra grand. Our chef for the night was Balinese and the food I find is way better than the one in Jakarta. For sure! Baby A finished his chicken katsu and a whole bowl of rice!

We stroll back to the Bali Connection to catch a shuttle bus, before my dad encounter an incident where he snaps his sandals so we had to buy a new one haha. So funny. And then that's it. We call it a night because I had to pack for our departure back to Jakarta the following day. *sigh* 


  1. I love your photos!!
    You're so cute:)

    Have a good day<33

    1. thank you Akari, just checked out your blog, looking forward to seeing more awesome posts from you ;) cheers!

  2. Hot Mama! nama enggresnya Bebek Bengil, Dirty Duck Diner itu selalu begimanaa gitu..haha..jadi inget jaman nyasar cari jalan menuju ubud..dan semua hanya tidur, kalo ditanya diem..zzzzz...

    1. hey putri patung! hahahaha karena pas lo foto depan plang nya lo nutupin tulisan "Duck" hence jadi Dirty D (with u posing in front of the D) hahahahaha!!