Monday, September 10, 2012

progress and a birthday

I'm very happy to say that baby A has grown into such a fascinating, intelligent, curious and joyful boy. His curiosity, especially, towards everything surrounding him is utterly fascinating to watch. His sense of memory is also amazing! He remembers the littlest things. He has that eagerness to learn even at such a young age. I'm such a proud momma! Witnessing his progress is such a joy in itself. I'm sure all mothers will feel the same way on their own children. The things children can do to oneself. Amazing.

As I can tell, September really is a joyous month ;)

Speaking of which, my mother's birthday was on the 8th. We didn't celebrate big. Mainly due to the fact that she just got back from her trip (with my dad) to Yogyakarta for a friend's fashion show. They arrived just in time for dinner on the 8th, so I had our cook to make us Nasi Tumpeng to celebrate modestly. Happy birthday Mom, wishing you nothing but greatness. I'm one lucky daughter to have you as a mom. Love you always..

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