Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hello Halloweenies! Happy Halloween!

I decided to dress up as the character from one of my all-time favorite films: A Clockwork Orange. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you're in for a great surprise. It's very tense and graphic, but I love it. Great movie!

So here's my Halloween take on my chosen character:

Hope I did okay. Tell me what you think?

Have a great Halloween people! And happy trick or treating if you do.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I recently received an awesome hand-me-downs from my mother: an exquisite, pretty little Chanel purse. How cute are the satin bows? I love it!

Speaking of Fall. Are you ready for the Fall season? I am. Although we only have two seasons where I live (summer and rainy season), it doesn't matter. I am so ready for Fall. Check out my current nail shades. Deep burgundy. I've also been investing on cranberry colored skinny jeans which has become quite a staple because it goes with almost anything. I treat them like I would with my basic blue or black denims.

Also, as you all know, October is the month of Halloween. What are you all dressing up as this year? I'm thinking "A Clockwork Orange". Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Long Weekend

Just a little update on what's been happening.

Friday was public holiday being Iedul Adha, which makes this weekend a long one! So on Friday we went to my grandmother's house to celebrate with a casual lunch and a family get-together. Later in the evening, we were planning to go out for a birthday dinner for husband. But turned out husband experiencing a mild migraine so we decided to order takeouts and stayed in.

Saturday. We (as in me, husband and Little A) went out for lunch at the mall and then did some grocery shopping. I had plan to meet up with my best girls (dara and andhita) later in the afternoon. I was so excited! And sure enough, once we all meet up at the chosen location (NomNomNom Cafe) it was non-stop talking! We even forgot to take any pictures! I really can't wait until our next meeting. Next time, we really should take the time to take some pictures.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I don't know what we're going to do yet. I think we'll just have to wait and see. Until then!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Husband

So it's husband's birthday today. I already had his birthday gift ready for almost a week! This morning I baked some birthday cupcakes (vanilla with chocolate swirl inside) with his fave M&M's candies to top the light chocolate cream frosting.

I'm assuming Little A understood that it is his daddy's birthday today. Soon as husband got home from work, he jumped from his seat and yelled "papa! happy birthday! ayo buka kado*!"

Such a sweetheart.

We (as in me and Little A) got Big A: ASOS canvas boat shoes and those cool little iSport earphone thing that he wanted.

Once again, Happy Birthday luvvah! Little A and I wishes you all the greatest and may you achieve everything and anything you ever wanted in life. We love you so much!

*open the gift!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stuff For Sale

Hey readers.

Just a little information. I have a bunch of stuff for sale (some are second in superb condition, some are brand new).. and if you're interested, I've put up an account both on Kaskus (search me up mylittlesparrow) and Toko Bagus (search me up Karag24) to check out some of the awesome stuff I'm putting up for sale. So far, there's branded imported skinny jeans and shoes.. but more stuff will be posted! So stay tuned for that.

In the mean time, if you had the time, check the following link:

Thank you for your kind attention! Hope to be doing business with you!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby No. 2?

A few people have been asking when will I have another kid. Before the first pregnancy, I was so confident that I wouldn't wait too long between kids (I was aiming to have 3.. although husband prefer 4.. yeah, if only we could switched places on getting pregnant), preferably before I turned 30. I'm 24 right now. Haha, okay, I'm kidding. I was born on 1984, you do the math. However, reality struck. There's a lot of stuff that came into consideration that I really don't feel like discussing in details here because it's personal. Anyway. Little A is almost 26 months now. Right now, I'm sort of considering to have a go at another one, though a part of me is still pretty much in dilemma land. So much to think about.

But then again, there's an old saying: "children brings prosperity in every aspect of your life." Or something along that line.

So the question now is, when will I be ready to have another kid? We'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am done smoking gun
We've lost it all, the love has gone
She has won, now it's no fun
We've lost it all, the love is gone

And we had magic
And this is tragic
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself

I feel like our world's been infected
And somehow you left me neglected
We found our life's been changed
Babe, you lost me

And we tried, oh how we cried
We lost ourselves, the love has died
And though we tried you can't deny
We're left as shells, we lost the fight

And we had magic
And this is tragic
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself

I feel like our world's been infected
And somehow you left me neglected
We found our life's been changed
Babe, you lost me

Now I know you're sorry and we were sweet
But you chose lust when you deceived me
And you'll regret it, but it's too late

I feel like our world's been infected
And somehow you left me neglected
We found our life's been changed
Babe, you lost me

-Christina Aguilera

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunnies Side Up

I love sunglasses. Very. Much. But I personally am not the type of person who went crazy over every style of sunglasses out there. I don't have to have all styles of sunglasses out there because I know what suits and looks good on my face shape. I like to keep my collection simple, timeless and have that sort of vintage and/or grunge-y vibe to them shades.

Here are the Top 5 from my sunglasses collection. (Perhaps it's safe to say that these are my most favorites and cherished sunglasses that I wore them more than the others I've kept in the drawers). Observe:

Top to Bottom: RayBan classic wayfarer, Oliver Peoples tortoise-shell, vintage (I got them from a vintage store in Singapore), ASOS Vintage round, RayBan 'Legend'

I take really good care of my sunglasses :) I'd hate to see them broken or worn out.

Monday, October 15, 2012

About Last Saturday

I haven't gotten around to post about the weekend because I haven't had the chance to upload the photos. So here we are.

On Saturday, got up early in the morning, rolled out of bed, had breakfast and then jumped into the pool.. well, more of the husband and Little A (okay, I've decided to change how I address my son ;) no more "baby" for him). I only lounged by the pool sunbathing.

After showers and whatnot, we head to Plaza Indonesia and had lunch at this cute cafe/restaurant on the 4th floor called Madame Lily. The food were delicious. I had the Cream Dory Mille Feuille, shared a bowl of Bakwan Malang and end it with the oh-so-mouth-watering Churros (they're way better than Bistro Baron's)! Not one of the dish I order failed me. I took home a slice of Honeycomb Cake, which I regret not buying more because it was SUPER YUM.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby or Not?

I've received a complaint from an anonymous reader a while ago. He/She said that I shouldn't be calling my son a "baby" anymore because quite frankly, yes, he's not so much a baby anymore. He has entered what we call 'toddler-hood'. I mean, he's 2 for crying out loud! But to be fair, on my behalf, no matter how old he gets, he'll always be my "baby". I'm sure some mothers would feel the same way. I see it with my mother, she'll always consider her children to be her "baby". Having said that, by doing so, we don't treat them like a baby. I'm aware that we can't expect our children to be a baby forever. But they are still our "baby".

Soooo.. forgive me if I still address my son as Baby A in my blog ;) but it's all just part of the whole I-still-want-to-keep-some-aspect-of-my-life-private (unless of course you know us well). Although I really appreciate the anonymous reader to put it out there for me :)


Have a great Sunday to all!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


All I know is everything is not as it's sold
But the more I grow, the less I know
And I have lived so many lives, though I'm not old
And the more I see, the less I grow
The fewer the seeds, the more I sow

Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try

I wish I hadn't seen all of the realness
And all the real people are really not real at all
The more I learn, the more I learn
The more I cry, the more I cry
As I say goodbye to the way of life
I thought I had designed for me

Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try
Then I see you standing there
I'm all I'll ever be
But all I can do is try

All of the moments that already passed
We'll try to go back and make them last
All of the things we want each other to be
We never will be, we never will be
 And that's wonderful, that's life
That's you baby, this is me baby
We are free in our love


-Nelly Furtado

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Cupcake and Horses

A busy-bee last week. Made lots of cupcakes for my dad's high school reunion party which was held on Saturday. I did double chocolate, red velvet and tiramisu. It all went down really well with all the party guests. It was a hit. We didn't even have any leftovers from the great amount of cupcakes that I baked! That's a good thing.

On Sunday, went out with the husband and baby A for lunch of fish and chips. Afterwards we hung out, window shopping around baby A and husband's favorite shopping mall --" (if you want to know where, you'll have to ask him or if you know us well enough you'll know where).

I wore the ASOS navy horse-print dress from here, a Mimco tan leather drawstring bucket bag and Topshop's nude studded flat shoes. And of course, baby A looking sharp as ever courtesy of his mom for obvious reasons. *wink*

Thursday, October 04, 2012

quotes of the day


Tuesday, October 02, 2012


I managed to score some fab new stuff recently. Some that I got from Jakarta store, and some I had to wait in anticipation for their arrival. So I squealed in glee when I found a package waiting for me at home!

Here they are:

 Topshop's Super Soft Leigh skinny jeans in Raspberry and Vicious studded flat shoes in Nude

Sam Ubhi's "dance" ring (sold on

ASOS horse-print navy skater dress (sold on

LOVE! Can't wear to wear these babies out. Although I've already worn the shoes a couple of times already since I got them last Saturday tee-hee.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Hello, October!

Hey! Welcome to the month of October! What to look forward to in October? Well, there's the husband's birthday (on the 25th) and then there's Halloween (on the 30th was it?).. and then there's another public holiday of Ied Adha (on the 26th).

I had a wonderful September, so hopefully October will follow on the steps of September's awesomeness :)

Over the weekend the husband and I spent a great amount of quality time with baby A. We took him to a game center where he played car race. He has great fondness over cars and racing at the moment --" Also we stroll around this amazing furniture store called Kare. I want everything displayed in that place. Wish us all our dreams came true for that perfect dream home sweet home.

Looking forward to see what's in store for us this month! Until the next post!