Monday, October 15, 2012

About Last Saturday

I haven't gotten around to post about the weekend because I haven't had the chance to upload the photos. So here we are.

On Saturday, got up early in the morning, rolled out of bed, had breakfast and then jumped into the pool.. well, more of the husband and Little A (okay, I've decided to change how I address my son ;) no more "baby" for him). I only lounged by the pool sunbathing.

After showers and whatnot, we head to Plaza Indonesia and had lunch at this cute cafe/restaurant on the 4th floor called Madame Lily. The food were delicious. I had the Cream Dory Mille Feuille, shared a bowl of Bakwan Malang and end it with the oh-so-mouth-watering Churros (they're way better than Bistro Baron's)! Not one of the dish I order failed me. I took home a slice of Honeycomb Cake, which I regret not buying more because it was SUPER YUM.

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