Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby No. 2?

A few people have been asking when will I have another kid. Before the first pregnancy, I was so confident that I wouldn't wait too long between kids (I was aiming to have 3.. although husband prefer 4.. yeah, if only we could switched places on getting pregnant), preferably before I turned 30. I'm 24 right now. Haha, okay, I'm kidding. I was born on 1984, you do the math. However, reality struck. There's a lot of stuff that came into consideration that I really don't feel like discussing in details here because it's personal. Anyway. Little A is almost 26 months now. Right now, I'm sort of considering to have a go at another one, though a part of me is still pretty much in dilemma land. So much to think about.

But then again, there's an old saying: "children brings prosperity in every aspect of your life." Or something along that line.

So the question now is, when will I be ready to have another kid? We'll just have to wait and see.

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