Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby or Not?

I've received a complaint from an anonymous reader a while ago. He/She said that I shouldn't be calling my son a "baby" anymore because quite frankly, yes, he's not so much a baby anymore. He has entered what we call 'toddler-hood'. I mean, he's 2 for crying out loud! But to be fair, on my behalf, no matter how old he gets, he'll always be my "baby". I'm sure some mothers would feel the same way. I see it with my mother, she'll always consider her children to be her "baby". Having said that, by doing so, we don't treat them like a baby. I'm aware that we can't expect our children to be a baby forever. But they are still our "baby".

Soooo.. forgive me if I still address my son as Baby A in my blog ;) but it's all just part of the whole I-still-want-to-keep-some-aspect-of-my-life-private (unless of course you know us well). Although I really appreciate the anonymous reader to put it out there for me :)


Have a great Sunday to all!

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