Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Husband

So it's husband's birthday today. I already had his birthday gift ready for almost a week! This morning I baked some birthday cupcakes (vanilla with chocolate swirl inside) with his fave M&M's candies to top the light chocolate cream frosting.

I'm assuming Little A understood that it is his daddy's birthday today. Soon as husband got home from work, he jumped from his seat and yelled "papa! happy birthday! ayo buka kado*!"

Such a sweetheart.

We (as in me and Little A) got Big A: ASOS canvas boat shoes and those cool little iSport earphone thing that he wanted.

Once again, Happy Birthday luvvah! Little A and I wishes you all the greatest and may you achieve everything and anything you ever wanted in life. We love you so much!

*open the gift!

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