Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunnies Side Up

I love sunglasses. Very. Much. But I personally am not the type of person who went crazy over every style of sunglasses out there. I don't have to have all styles of sunglasses out there because I know what suits and looks good on my face shape. I like to keep my collection simple, timeless and have that sort of vintage and/or grunge-y vibe to them shades.

Here are the Top 5 from my sunglasses collection. (Perhaps it's safe to say that these are my most favorites and cherished sunglasses that I wore them more than the others I've kept in the drawers). Observe:

Top to Bottom: RayBan classic wayfarer, Oliver Peoples tortoise-shell, vintage (I got them from a vintage store in Singapore), ASOS Vintage round, RayBan 'Legend'

I take really good care of my sunglasses :) I'd hate to see them broken or worn out.


  1. boleh tau gak yg kedua dr bawah itu kacamata apa. thanks :)

    1. So sorry for the extreme late reply. Kayaknya kelewat masuk notif comment nya gak kebaca --" Yang kedua dari bawah itu merk ASOS. Hope that helps!