Friday, November 09, 2012

From London, With Love

So my parents went on a trip to London all last week. It was a business trip for my father and my mother tagged along to accompany him. They're back in Jakarta last Wednesday bringing lots of goodies! Well, whenever they went abroad, they brought stuff mostly for Little A these days --" this time around it was no different haha.

Nevertheless, I got my share of goodies too! Check it out:

My favorite has got to be the Repetto flats obviously! I've loved Repetto for as long as I can remember. They're so comfy and comes in variety of cute colors! My mother got me this Cendrillon Ballerina Flats (patent leather) in Taupe to add to my collection. LOVE. Well, actually, I can't really call it a collection since I only have another one in black.. I had a bronze one years ago which I absolutely love and wore until it was all busted that it's no longer wearable anymore.

Thank you parents!

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