Sunday, November 18, 2012

Long Weekend with the Flu

It was a long weekend for us this week. Fun! Not really. Because Little A and I got the flu. It was a mild one but still annoying. However! It didn't stop us from having a bit of fun this weekend though! On Thursday it was quarantine day for Little A. I didn't want the flu to get any worse for him. Friday we stayed at home still, the husband and I went to Poinsquare for a bit because he wanted to check out some computers. Basically, we had a chance of somewhat a 'date' afternoon. Having lunch and strolling around just the two of us. Nothing romantic, but we had a good time.

Saturday: Husband's youngest brother, Necky, is in town. He had a little break from school so we decided to meet up and had lunch together. Since Little A was feeling SO much better, we went to Grand Indonesia and had lunch at Carl's Jr. Maybe because I was still feeling unwell, I don't really have any appetite so I settle for their chicken salad, which was surprisingly delicious, and the chilli fries.

Sunday (today): Husband, Little A and myself went to this computer bazaar at Gandaria City. While at the bazaar, Little A was dancing along with the music from the DJ performing. He was having a blast, all eyes on him. In the end some sales people wanted to take pictures with him because, well, he was cute and awesome. Haha. Oh yeah, we had sushi for lunch at Sushi Tei.

We end the day (and this long weekend) with getting takeouts from Fook Yew restaurant and call it a day. It was still fun despite the nasty (mild) flu attacking both Little A and myself. But we fought it.

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