Sunday, December 02, 2012

Lust: the 'Erika'

I've had a long love affair with Ray Ban sunglasses from way back when. I've always loved their timeless and classy feel yet still has that edge.

Exhibit A:
Brother and I have been rocking the colored wayfarers (and check out our matching nautical outfit! Oh yeah, we're that awesome) in '89.

Today, I've had the Wayfarers (in three different colors, obsessed, no?) and the Legend. Next on my top wish list, I really really want this 'Erika' style in tortoise-shell. Can I have this for Christmas, please?


  1. Yes, wayfarers are THAT awesome! Pas banget gue mau beli sunnies baru Kar, soalnya gue cuma punya... satu. Zzzzz.

    1. I always thought when it comes to sunglasses, you should have one in plain black (cool edgy vibe) and another in tortoise-shell (luxe classy vibe) hehehe.. ayoo ayooo dibeli kakaaaak. mau beli yg mana la?