Sunday, February 03, 2013

Life is Kind

Wow. It's February already. Through all the ups and downs that I have to face starting 2013, I still am grateful for everything that we may or may have not yet accomplished. I still am super grateful for everything that we have. I still am absolutely grateful for the beautiful life that we get to breathe in every day. I am super grateful to have a loving husband, amazingly smart and adorable son, awesome parents and brother, wonderful best friends..

I'm hoping (and crossing my fingers) that 2013 will be an eventful and wonderful year for us. There are still so many amazing things to look forward too. And bless us, we are fortunate enough to (insya allah) get to travel abroad this summer (crossing fingers so tight my veins hurt). The 'when' and 'where', I won't reveal too much now because I believe in that whole "I don't want to jinx it." Haha.

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