Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy (belated) Easter day everyone! Hope everyone had a good one. I sure did. Sunday went to my best friend, Nadine's baby Billy's tedak siten at Oktroi Plaza. It's a Javanese celebration when a baby is finally able to take a step firmly on the ground (I may be wrong but it's something like that haha). I haven't seen Nadine in a while as she lives in Sydney, Australia. But it sure is nice to catch up with her and my other girls (shown below) Lisa and Reza.

Afterwards, went to my grandmother's house for an Easter celebration. We feast on delicious beef wellingtons (courtesy of aunt Sjully, my mother's friend), my grandmother's tomato soup, salad and Indonesian bakso (meatball soup). I brought along Little Sparrow's variety of mini petite fours cupcakes which includes vanilla with chocolate sprinkles, red velvet with cream cheese and the famous tiramisu with mascarpone cheese.

Little A had a wonderful time at his great grandmother's. He joined in on the Easter egg hunt with his cousins. We got 8 eggs! Not bad at all. It was a fun filled day.

Oh, Happy April Fool's Day!

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