Friday, April 26, 2013

Kartini Day

Wednesday (April 24th) on behalf of Kartini's Day, Little A's school held a special event to celebrate the day. All the kids get to dress up in traditional clothes (Little A wore a Javanese ensemble in which he had to take off halfway through the event because he developed some sort of allergy.. I think the rented outfit hasn't been washed or something. Major eww I know.. poor thing.)

I, on the other hand, participated (more like got thrown into) in the Tumpeng decorating contest with other fellow mothers. My group consists of six awesome ladies (including myself ha!).. and guess what? We won first prize!

The winning Tumpeng
Yeah, we did went a little crazy with the decorations haha
My boy sitting up front wearing the black Javanese blazer known as 'Beskap'

  The chaotic class photo session haha

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