Monday, April 08, 2013

Nanny Issues

I have been using a nanny for Little A for almost 3 years now. She worked for us when Little A was almost 8 months old. I must say she's a great nanny. She works hard and the works she did was considered superb. I was pretty confident that she wouldn't leave any time soon. But now my confidence has been shaken. It felt like I was struck by a lighting (not that I ever experienced that, but anyway) when she told me this morning that she wanted to quit due to unsolved family issues back home. She told me she didn't want to, but her circumstances won't allow her to keep working. She was going to just take leave of absence, but she doesn't know until when and she doesn't want to keep us waiting for uncertainty. I am devastated that's for sure. I am now experiencing what most moms are experiencing: the nanny issues. I am beyond heartbroken. The feeling is much worse than breaking up with a boyfriend. I kid you not. I asked Little A if he'd mind having a new 'mbak' (nanny). He looked at me with this quizzical look and got quiet before he shook his head.


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