Thursday, May 02, 2013

Book Launch: FaceHunter

Last night I went to the book launch/signing party of FaceHunter Yvan Rodic's new book "A Year in the Life of Facehunter" at The Goods Dept. Pacific Place.

After braving through the horrendous traffic, I managed to arrive at the event bringing along my previous Facehunter book. I'm very pleased to be able to meet Yvan Rodic in person and got him to sign my books. I am a fan of his work. I guess you can say he is a 'life style' photographer because these days, not only he snap pictures of awesome street style, but also his travel adventure: the cultures and basically the whole atmosphere of the places he traveled to. I like that. I love traveling myself, so to be able to see pictures of other people's experiences through their eyes (cameras), I get to experience those places I haven't been myself. Go see his other work here.

FYI, during the event, my boy got himself some Brazilian models. Way to go Little A (much to his mother's plea of don't grow up so fast haha).

Awesome moment. Little A was a pretty big hit, too. Yvan asked to took his pictures several times for his 'facehunter' collections.

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