Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a short update

So what's been up? I can't even believe it's almost the end of June. Only two weeks away until our trip abroad. Everything has been falling into places accordingly, which is kind of a relief. All last weekend, me, husband and Little A has been coming down with the dreaded annoying flu. But we fought it and we're getting better.

Sometime in my next post, I'll be discussing about my travel tips and tricks that always works for me. Just in case some of you are also in the midst of preparing to go on vacation yourself! Stay tuned for that! You don't want to miss it. I know some people are constantly under the stress attack of vacation/travel packing and whatnot.

That's all for now. Until my next post. I apologize for keeping this one super short, but rather than boring you to tears with rambling nonsenses, I'd rather save it for the next interesting and exciting post!

Until then! 

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