Tuesday, June 04, 2013

June Bug

It's June! This weekend Little A will be attending his so-called-graduation ceremony where his class will be performing as sunflowers. Cute. I'm hoping Little A will cooperate and willing to wear the darn costume. Next week will be report card day, and after that.. SCHOOL HOLIDAY! Also. Only a month to go until our big vacay-cay-cation! Super duper excited! And it's all Little A thinks about.

Can't wait to catch up with my friend back from junior high school day, Mary Dewar, in London. My Uncle Stan and his family in Den Haag. My Aunt Desi and her family, as well as my high school buddy, Anta, in Paris! And a fantabulous trip overall!

Welcome Summer (officially)!


  1. Aaaaa have fun Kaar! Betigaan aja? Btw Anta masih di Paris ya? Tapi lagi di Jkt ya, soalnya kmrn ke Aora hehehe

    1. Shankiu Leijaaa hehe.. iya kemaren di acaranya Aora kan ketemu udah janjian ntar juli mau ketemuan insya allah di Pawree hehehe.