Monday, July 01, 2013

A 90s Revival

Last Saturday night I went out with a few of my girl friends (and husband tag along too) to attend an event called "Mesin Waktu: Generasi 90an" (simply translated 'Time Machine: 90s Generation'). The event had everything you would see or experience back in the 90s. Even toys and snacks I would have back when I was in junior high! Being a 90s generation myself, of course I had to go. I always thought the 90s were the best generation ever! Who didn't love super nintendo, grunge fever, awesome 90s music, when MTV were the best music channel ever playing real music, etc.? Can I also just say, the original 90210? Haha.

It was a great 'me' time, 'girl's night out' and 'date night' all mashed into one. Perfect. Oh, I didn't have any pictures with husband during the event, because he was the one busy taking pictures of everything.

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