Tuesday, July 16, 2013

London: Day 2 (recap)

After Day 1, woke up to Day 2! We're headed to Legoland Windsor today! Located just an hour away from London (actually it was less than an hour, but there were traffic because it was Sunday after all.. seems like everyone has the same idea on going).

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Legoland opening hours varied, so if you're planning on going do check on their website to know the opening hours. On the day we went to Legoland, the opening hour starts from 10am to 7pm. We got there right on time. The weather was super hot and dry. Time to pile on sun protection cream! FYI. Little A was super stoked. We tried to get in on as much rides and attractions as we could, but with the super long queues and super hot weather, we're fine with the amount of rides and/or attractions we managed to get.

Of course we had to ride the Carousel.
Strolling through Legoland in search for lunch spot.
So proud of Little A. To my surprise he volunteered to go by himself on the driving lesson for toddlers. He even got his own driver's license and everything after the lesson.

The submarine voyage ride. It was real aquarium underneath. There were manta rays and sharks. But the ride was too short for a 1,5 hours waiting line.

This is Legoland Hotel. The inside interior was so cute! Lego in almost everything!

FYI: Free Meals for Kids after 3pm!

Forest Brooks' Fairy Tale Rides. Sure, Little A looked all excited in this picture..
..soon as we entered, he was a bit creeped out with all the Fairy Tales' characters. I don't know why.

Little A loved the Miniland!

And the best part is the Star Wars' Lego Exhibition. LOVED IT!

Awesome day at Legoland Windsor. Let's hope we get to come back again in the near future and able to get into more rides and/or attractions. We stayed until almost their closing time. Drove our way back to the hotel and had room service dinner. Then off to snoozeville.

Until Day 3!

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