Tuesday, July 16, 2013

London: Day 3 (recap)

Day 3! Still feeling a wee bit tired after a wholesome day at Legoland the other day, we decided to take things easy today. We're going to squeeze in a little sightseeing. Our main destination today is Hamsley Toy Store (apparently the biggest in UK) for Little A.
Good morning! This is Little A showing off his newly purchased Iron Man Lego from Legoland Windsor.
I'm not a fan of Crocs no matter what the style they come up with, but husband insist on getting this one because, and I quote, "they don't have this special Lego Crocs back home!" Okay then.
I don't know what pose he's trying to do, but this is what he did while waiting for Harvey Nichols to open (they're right across our hotel!).

People were gathering around Buckingham Palace to watch the guards changing. It was 60th Coronation for the Queen so there were a lot of flags celebrating that.

Yep. Big Ben.

We were actually planning on going around Big Ben, but it was so hot, we all starting to develop massive headaches, and since it was noon already, we decided to go to lunch at Sakura Japanese restaurant at Conduit Street. The food was okay. It was comfort food. After lunch, we took a stroll until we reached Hamsley Toy Store. Little A was in toy heaven! 5 floor dedicated to nothing but toys and candies. He bought quite a lot of stuff while we're there. He was happy.

So happy to see the Iron Man Lego version.

Until Day 4! My brother's graduation day! Stay tuned.

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