Wednesday, July 17, 2013

London: Day 4

My little brother's graduation ceremony at the Royal Festival Hall earlier today. He's officially a Master of Arts in Fashion Photography (wait, is that correct?) now. So proud of him.

During the last half of the ceremony, it was 12pm so I had to take Little A for his lunch. So me, husband and Little A left the ceremony location a bit early and had lunch at this cute Japanese sushi place called Feng Sushi. SO GOOD!

Afterwards, we wanted to go back to Selfridges and Oxford Street and whatnot. But decided to change our clothes at the hotel. Once we're back at the hotel, sleepiness hits us hard. Little A fell asleep, so does husband. Woke up a bit too late to do anything else, we finally decided on staying in. Later went to my brother's graduation dinner at Matsuri Teppanyaki St. James in Bury Street. Dinner started so late, thank God Little A already had his early dinner back at the hotel.

Tomorrow is another big day. Either we'll go on another sightseeing spree, OR another shopping spree. You'll just have to wait and see it. See you tomorrow!

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