Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Denhaag: Day 2 (recap)

I know I've been taking too long to finish my Europe vacation story recaps, but bear with me. I'm trying to finish it as fast as I could.

So it's Day 2 in Denhaag. Big day today! Day 2 is all about family quality time: Malieveld, Volendam and Madurodam (all a must go-to place when you visit Denhaag).

We start the day early because we're going to have breakfast at famous Paviljoen Malieveld. The place has been around since my father was just a kid living in the Netherlands. It was his go-to place for authentic and delicious Dutch pancakes (pannekoeken). This place still has their original old-fashioned vibe. Even the stoves are old-fashioned I reckon.

Nothing like a warm, yummy Dutch pancake to start your morning!

I would recommend you get the original: plain with lightly powdered sugar and whipped cream. You can always add stroop (syrup) if you want.

Once our belly full, we head straight to another tourist (and must see) attraction: Volendam. Volendam is basically a little fisherman's town that still oozes their original Dutch tradition. However, since it has become such a popular tourist attraction, most of the souvenir shops are super expensive. I wouldn't really recommend buying souvenirs there. But if you must, then why must I stop you? Haha. Whenever we go to the Netherlands, we always make time to come to Volendam. Why? Their weekend markets of course! Selling anything from fresh produce, clothing, traditional Dutch wooden shoes, stroopwaffles (my fave) and cheese!

Since it's a fisherman's town, it reeks of fish, naturally. But the view is simply breathtaking. All the small cafes are great to just relax, have some Dutch kroket and people-watch. If you're visiting Volendam, make sure to try (in any ice cream shop) the smurf bubble gum ice cream and the soft cream cone! Super yum.

We also got our pictures taken in traditional Dutch clothes. I'm not posting it here because I'm too embarrassed. The clothes made me look like I gained a heck lot of pounds! But it was all in good fun.

After Volendam, we head back to Scheveningen area, and went straight to one of Dutch kid's heaven: Madurodam. Miniature everything. They just had massive renovation, so it's worth to go and check it out. Little A had a blast, can't you tell from the pictures below?

It has been a long day. We had dinner at an Indonesian eatery near our hotel called Garuda (no, it's not Padang food). The food was super delicious. But of course, I think it was expensive for an Indonesian food haha. Then we walk our way back to the hotel to rest.

It has been tiring but fun! Tomorrow is our last day in Denhaag. We're going to make the most of it. Although shame every weekend, shops won't be open until 12pm and they'll be closing at exactly 5pm. What the heck are we supposed to do until 12pm??

Until Day 3.

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