Thursday, August 01, 2013

London: Day 5 (recap)

Hello! It's Day 5 already?? We got back to the hotel so late last night, Little A was feeling exhausted I bet, so after a brief discussion with the husband, we decided on rescheduling our 'bus tour' for the following day.
Woke up a bit later than yesterday, after showering and whatnot, the three of us (husband, Little A and myself) took a cab to Trafalgar Square. I don't know if its the open space or the fountain, Little A went wild running and jumping around all over. It was a pretty nice day. Not too hot like it was the day before. It was warm yet breezy. Perfect camera moment!

Afterwards, we headed back to Selfridges to buy something for my mother in law. Also, I've been having issues with my clothes since the day we arrived in London. I think I ate so much since we got here, yet all my clothes felt looser and looser each day. The pair of skinny jeans I brought from home (it fitted fine before we left for London) got so loose, I had to pull my pants up every frickin' time! And to think I didn't bring any belts with me. With that in mind, and also because I'm in search for a new pair of skinny jeans, I bought myself a new J Brand jeans from Selfridges. I fit into their Super Skinny Low Rise size 26!  I have wide hips so if my hips can fit into anything smaller than that, it's a damn miracle.

We had a quick lunch at the M&S Cafe with my parents, then we went our separate ways. Our next destination was Topshop/Topman in Oxford Circus. We shop and shop our whole way there. Haha. The Topshop/Topman store in Oxford Circus may be the biggest one I've seen/been to. It's 5 level and inside there were Cafes, photo booths, cupcake booth, frozen yoghurt booth, hair and beauty salon, waxing and tanning salon, and barber shop! So big, that during our time there, we had the chance to take a tea break.


Once we're done, we walk our way again to Carnaby Street where husband window-shopped. Carnaby Street had many shops and restaurants throughout. We've shopped ourselves to exhaustion, so we finally hailed a cab to take us back to the hotel. It was almost 6.30 by the time we arrived at the hotel, so we decided to have dinner at a Lebanese restaurant next door. I forgot the name of the restaurant, nor did I take any pictures of the food (so stupid), but I can tell you for sure: IT WAS DAMN GOOD.

Right next to the Lebanese restaurant, was a Lebanese deli (I think it was owned by the same person with the restaurant) where they sell many varieties of baklava (which was amazing!) and other 24/7 mini markets would have: milk, bread, chocolates, beverages, etc. And then I found this:

Right. So tomorrow is our last day in London before jetting of to another destination. Tomorrow is also going to be the big Sightseeing Day. We'll see how that panned out.

Until Day 6 my peeps!

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