Tuesday, August 13, 2013

London: Day 6 (recap)

Day 6 and our last day in London. Day 6 was dedicated for sightseeing and whatnot. Husband arranged for us to ride on the double-decker tour bus of London. My main goal for the day was to visit the Sherlock Holmes' museum (being a fan and all). No matter what, I was determined to go there.

After going round the city with the bus, we stopped at Baker Street. The day was super hot and dry. I swear, if you don't keep yourself well-hydrated, I'm pretty positive you can pass out from the heat. Anyway. On Baker Street, you can visit two museums actually: The Sherlock Holmes' museum and of course, Madame Tussaud. But I don't care much for the latter one. So we purchased tickets for the Sherlock Holmes' museum, and wait in line for about an hour. The museum was so small because they tried to replicate the actual housing where Holmes' lived with his good friend Dr. Watson.

Right next to the museum was a cute little London Beatles Store selling all kinds of knick-knacks about The Beatles. They even sell many old rare records of The Beatles. I bought Little A a lunchbox. Then I went straight back in line for the museum tour.

Oh my God. I can't tell you how excited I was going to the Sherlock Holmes' museum. FYI, right next to the museum is the souvenir shop selling everything from coffee mugs, playing cards, smoking pipe, hats, and even handcuffs! Guess what I got?

I was one happy little camper after that museum trip. We end the day with a little window-shopping at Harrods, where we let Little A run freely at the toy area. Then we shop around for souvenirs at the little souvenir shops near Harrods and our hotel. We had dinner at the top floor of Harvey Nichols.

Back to the hotel, it was time to pack for our next destination: Amsterdam/Den Haag! Until my next (recap) posts!

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