Thursday, August 22, 2013

Paris: Day 1 (recap)

Woke up super early to catch our train (Thallys) to Paris and it took us approximately 2-3 hours ride. It was an awesome experience. Lugging around 8 large luggage around the train station was a fun view (not). Nevertheless, Little A was enjoying every moment of it and he wasn't fussy at all! Such a pro traveler that kid!

So I guess Adios Netherlands! Until we see you again. Next stop, PARIS!

We reached Paris safe and sound. Although the train did experience some electric difficulty about 2-3 times. Paris was SUPER HOT AND DRY. Coming out from the train, it felt like we were being shoved back into a hot oven. My aunt picked us up from the train station and we drove our way to our rented apartment for the whole week at the Ile Saint Louis area. I love the area. So many cute cafes, creperies, chocolate and ice cream shop along the way. Its a quite area but not in a shady kind of way. Very safe and secluded. But if you walk along the path, it was a nice touristy area.. with many chic travelers.

Tips: When you go to Paris, try to experience as the locals. Don't stay at the over-hyped tourist area such as Champs Elysees etc. I personally like Ile Saint Louis or Saint Germain des Pres. Very chic travelers, and there's almost no thief or gipsies that I can see.

We spent the rest of the day settling into our apartment. And then went out for a late afternoon walk to see the neighborhood. We stopped at a nearby cafe and had Nutella Crepe and cold drinks (it was so hot I literally wanted to take off all my clothes and drenched myself in cold water! And it was already 4 in the afternoon!).. Then we took a stroll all the way to a small park right behind the Notre Dame. Little A was so happy, running around freely, as nice public parks in Jakarta are almost non-existent.

On our way back to the apartment, we stopped by at an ice cream shop right across our apartment, Amorino. Super yum!

Next, we have to start packing for our small trip to Disneyland tomorrow! Can't wait! Until Day 2 peeps!

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