Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paris: Day 2 (recap)

Day 2 in Paris and we're off to Disneyland! Woo-hoo! My no.1 favorite place in the world!

We start the day early. My aunt and cousin, Dhairya, tag along for a two-day run at Disneyland. It took us about half an hour or so (no traffic today) to Disneyland Resort. We checked in at the Disneyland Hotel. While waiting, Little A was super excited I can tell. He put on his Mickey Mouse hat and wander around the hotel, almost literally skipping out of excitement.

Do I have to explain about the room? The room is a typical Disneyland hotel style. Victorian yet super cozy for kids. It's their trademark.

After putting all our stuff in our room, we decided to have lunch at the hotel's restaurant. I love the restaurant. They still stay true to the Victorian era. They even have many original knick-knacks from the Victorian period! Little A was super excited as many Disney characters came by our table to take pictures. Of course, his favorite, was Mickey. Wait, don't I have a picture of Little A with Mickey somewhere? I'll have to search for it. In the mean time..

After lunch, we power walk to our first destination: Disneyland Park! (FYI, in Paris there are two parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio Park which kind of echoes the California Adventure Park in Anaheim). Walking through Mainstreet USA, we decided to go straight to do attractions and do shopping later.

First stop: Tomorrowland! Since Little A's height are already reaching most of the height restrictions, it was a lot of fun because he gets to ride most of the rides available for him. No more kiddy attractions only! And I find he's going to be crazy on roller coasters and whatnot later on.

The weather forecast for the day was supposedly raining. Although the sky was a bit cloudy, we only experienced small drizzle of rain.

Next: Fantasyland! We didn't do most of the rides and attractions in Fantasyland because (a) Little A didn't really want to (except for It's A Small World), and (b) He didn't really get the whole fairy tale and princess-y stuff, and (c) He was already feeling sleepy after a few rides.

It was almost late in the afternoon, so we walk back to the hotel to give Little A a shower. And then we decided to have lunch at Disney Village at this cute little Diner-like restaurant.

Once dinner was over, Little A wanted to go back to Disneyland Park. Since it will be open until 11pm and we wanted to see the 20th anniversary celebration fireworks, we head back in.

We went straight to Adventureland because Little A wanted to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean. He was a bit uneasy with the darkness of the ride. But I'm so proud of him that he braved through the 'fall'. And he loved it.

At exactly 10.45pm we walk back to the Main Street area to see the fireworks. One thing I can tell you, it was simply breathtaking! The lighting, the fireworks.. I almost cried and peed in my pants out of joy!

I wish I could live in Disneyland forEVER. Haha.

Tomorrow we're going to do Walt Disney Studio! Stay tuned!

ps: My feet are killing me --"

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