Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paris: Day 3 (recap)

Today is our second day in Disneyland Paris! We didn't woke up as early as we wanted to because we stayed up so late last night watching the 20th Anniversary Celebration fireworks until the wee hour. Well, okay, actually the celebration lasted until 11pm. But once we got back to the hotel, husband and I ordered some room service. We had tea and some munchies haha.

So anyway. Day 2 Disneyland we're heading to Walt Disney Studio park! They're fairly new (as mentioned in my previous post, they echoes Anaheim's Disney California Adventure Park). Sweet!
Sunny day, compared to yesterday's sort of windy and cloudy afternoon. Since it was our last day, we tried to make the most of it. I skip the thrill rides because I want today to be about Little A. It was fun.

FYI, if you go to Walt Disney Studio park, make sure to ride the Crush's Coaster!

Late in the afternoon, after riding the rides that we wanted to, shop for stuff that we wanted to, and 4 doughnuts (that's Little A) later, we decided to meet back with my parents at the hotel. We checked out, and took a taxi to Marnee La Vallee fashion outlet. We ate at a Korean eatery, which I thought was fantastic, and then did a little shopping there. I didn't get anything because most of the stuff they had for sale were winter stuff. Can't wear them back home!

Empty-handed, we head back to Paris. Meet up with my uncle and cousins for dinner at this cute little Chinese restaurant for some noodles and whatnot at Bastille area. Then we walk all the way back to our apartment. It was a tiring yet fun day!

Above picture, Little A is standing at the zero degree, a location near Notre Dame. They said, if you stood there, it's a for sure thing that you'll return to Paris again one day (better yet, SOON).

Until tomorrow, Paris.

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