Sunday, September 15, 2013

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is more or less only 9 days away. The thing is, I'm not that excited to add another number to my age. But I am excited about getting more awesome as I get older.

What I want for my birthday is not a regular birthday cake. Although, okay, I still want to blow out candles on top of a super mouth-watering cake for my birthday. I was recently inspired by a good friend of mine who celebrated his birthday with an awesome waffle and fried chicken birthday 'cake'. I WANT THAT.

So husband, if you're reading this.. Here you go:
 photos courtesy blogger Rachel Nguyen of That's Chic

Moving on. For my birthday wish list.. (in no particular order, no, wait, this is actually in particular order) -- and to make your life a bit easier if you're wondering what to get me for my birthday -- these are the things I really, really want: 

Topshop Arabel 2 Cut-Out Boots
Color: Black, Size: 38 

 Shiseido Translucent Loose Face Powder

Shu Uemura Translucent Loose Face Powder 

Benefit Speed Brow Gel

 Benefit They're Real Mascara
"IT" by Alexa Chung (book)

"Palo Alto Stories" by James Franco (book)

Yep. That's about it. Haha. So EXCITED! Thank you for your kind attention, and have a pleasant Sunday everyone!


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