Monday, September 09, 2013

Paris: Day 4 (recap)

Let's continue on with the Europe vacation story shall we? Haha.

So it's day 4.. we decided to take things a bit easy today. Meaning? SHOPPING! Only a few walking distance away from our apartment, we're always greeted by this awesome view! Every freakin' day I tell you.

Today we had lunch at L'Favorite (as recommended by my aunt). The food was a combination between Parisian and Italian. It was hardcore delicious! I'm totally recommending this restaurant if you ever go to Paris. Although I have no picture (nor any memories of what the food I had is called), I can assure you it was so so so delicious.

After lunch, we walk the street of Paris (left bank aka Rive Gauche) for some shopping and sightseeing. Personally I really love this area of Paris, especially the likes of Saint Germain des Pres and Marais. There were many cute little cafes, boutiques and shops. My main goal today is of course Repetto. My all-time favorite flat shoes heaven.

Nutella crepe. My staple treat in Paris. I can go all day with just this. I swear.

Poor dad, we forced him to walk, instead of his usual hailing the cab. I think it's good for him though. He rarely get to walk in Jakarta (thanks to super high pollution and dirty street). Personally, I think he needs all the exercise he can get. Haha. Again, sorry dad.

So anyway. My aunt lead us to Repetto boutique. I bought myself a treat (or two?) and then we decided to (finally) hail a cab to take us to the Eiffel Tower because Little A is just dying to see the famous tower.

After Eiffel Tower, my mother wanted to do Galleries du Lafayette. I'm never a fan of that super hyped luxury department store. It was super crowded to the max. I never understood how you could do a relaxing retail therapy with that much chaos. I prefer Le Bon Marche.

Later on, we went to Thai eatery, Blue Elephant with my aunt's family. Full and happy belly, and with our feet giving up, we hailed a cab to take us back to the apartment.

LOVE my purchases from Repetto. I opt for metallic gold maryjane and simple black ballerinas.

Until day 5 y'all!

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