Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paris: Day 5 (recap)

It's day 5! Can't believe time flies by so fast when you're having a blast. Since we all want to do different things today (mom wants to go shopping, while I want to do more sightseeing of beautiful Paris), we decided to split up to do our own thing. So today will be the Adventure of the Three Amigos (as in me, husband and Little A conquering the Parisian street)!
Our daily Parisian breakfast staple of fresh squeezed orange juice and freshly baked assorted pastries from the deli across our apartment.

If you go to Paris, make sure you visit the famous Berthillon ice cream parlor. It's a Parisian staple. Their location is only walking distance away from our apartment. I was overloaded with ice cream in Paris!

My favorite has got to be the Chocolat Blanc flavor (that's white chocolate for you).

After a short stop at Berthillon, we're on our way! We decided not to take any cab whatsoever because we really want to get the feeling of the city. Hence, we really deeply on GPS haha. (I can assure you that by the end of the day, our feet were aching from all the walking, but it sure was worth it).

Our first stop: Champs Elysees. To get there, my aunt guide us to ride the train (tram?) because it was pretty far to walk all the way there. That's cool. Little A loved his train experience.

The reason for our Champs Elysees stop is, obviously, Sephora. They've got the biggest store there, so I'm sure I'll easily find whatever I need there.

Of course, we have to stop for a photo op in front of the famous Arc du Triomphe right in the middle of the busy street.

After stopping and doing a little bit of shopping at Sephora, Petite Bateau, H&M and the Disney store.. it's time for lunch! We had lunch at this Italian eatery right across the Disney store. It was so yum!

With our belly full and satisfied, we continue our adventure. We walk all the way to Jardin des Tuileries. It was a huge park located near the Louvre museum.

We took a break to enjoy the scenery and basically just to people watch at the Jardin. Little A having a blast running around the park, then stopped at Paul's booth for some croissants.

After lazing around the park, we continue our walk.. through the Louvre and all the way to Pont des Arts. The thing I absolutely love about Paris is there were so many amazing little things that you notice by walking around the city and breath it in. I love the little details of intricate architecture, the street performers, the cheap arts they sold on the street.. It's what makes Paris, Paris.. you know? Not to mention the smell of fresh baked pastries.

Tomorrow is our last day in Paris (boo-hoo so sad).  I guess we'll call it a night and we'll see you on day 6!

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