Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paris: Day 6 & 7 (recap)

Last day in Paris. I'm going to compile two posts into one because there's not much going on in day 7 except for au revoir Paris *sob*

I haven't really described anything about the apartment we're renting throughout our stay in Paris, other than it was strategically located in the most beautiful neighborhood I've ever seen in Paris: ile Saint Louis.

I consider the apartment is somewhat very Parisian, with a touch of ethnic touch here and there within the interior designs. It has many different touches: Greek wall lightings, Arabic table cloths, Indian or perhaps Asian tables and sofas. The bedrooms and bathrooms were full of framed black and white photographs (very modern) and some kitschy framed posters that perhaps the owner found during one of his/her travels.. at least that's what I like to think.

The best part is, our apartment had the luxury of having exclusive access to the outdoor garden/patio.

Any-hoo. Day 6, we accompanied my mother to do her last shopping day. She got me doing it too as a matter of fact. So we went to Rue Cambon, where the biggest Chanel boutique is located. The store was huge, it takes up the whole block. Mom and I got ourselves some treats there. Oh happy day.

We had lunch at this small Parisian cafe near Pierre Herme. The food were so so so delicious. I didn't really care much for buying the 'typical' macaroons during my stay. I don't know, but it all seems too typical for me: 'go to Paris, must buy the best macaroons in town'. Perhaps maybe because I'm not really into macaroons. I'm not crazy about them. Feed me nutella crepe anytime, and I'll be happy.

After Chanel and lunch, the three musketeers (me, husband and Little A) decided to part ways because my parents were tired already and they wanted to get an early start on packing for tomorrow's departure home.

We took a bus to the Spanish quarter area. It was bustling with crowds (mostly younger people having drinks with their friends and whatnot). I had my eye on gyros stands. I've been drooling over one since we got off the bus and saw a bunch of kids holding and devouring gyros (Greek/Turkish style kebab.. usually shredded meat, vegetables, tatziki and french fries wrapped in a large pita bread). It was good.

After a not-so-light snack of gyros, we wandered around until we found a small park overlooking the Notre Dame. It was a beautiful early evening. The weather wasn't hot and humid as it was the day before. It was warm yet breezy. Perfect for a day of strolling the beautiful city.

On our way back to the apartment, we stopped by a few souvenir shops for a last minute knick-knack shopping to bring back home. It drizzled with light rain for a bit, but it stopped soon as we finished our shopping. Then we stopped by at this small Chinese restaurant for some takeouts.

Back in the apartment, took a quick shower, had dinner.. then it's time for PACKING. Ugh. The thought of having to leave and end this amazing vacation was heart-wrenching. But at the same time, I also missed home. Missed my own bed. We finished packing around 11.30-ish PM. Gotta wake up early tomorrow.


Finally. The dreaded day is finally here. Our super last day in Paris. The day we're heading back home to beloved Jakarta. A quick reminder, if you need to take care of tax refunds or whatnot, do come to the airport early if you don't want to have to miss your flight or whatever. The queue was a nightmare! Thank God we're 2 hours early, the tax refund queue was already horrific. But we got that settled in a pretty decent time. Just enough to finished checking in and wander around the airport to buy chocolates for people back home.

Throughout the 16 hours-ish plane ride, Little A was (as always) calm and well-mannered. He ate his meal, he took a nap, watched some movies (actually it was Iron Man on repeat).. basically being such a sweetheart.

It was a fun, tiring and awesome vacation nevertheless! Can't wait for our next trip! Where to next? We'll see.

Thanks for sticking around waiting for me to finish the Europe story. I hope y'all enjoy reading it!

As the French says, Au revoir! Until my next post.

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