Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Sparrow x IWA Charity Event

Whoa. It's almost a whole month I haven't updated anything at all. ANYthing. I've been a bit busy actually. On October 25th I had the opportunity to join the Indian Women Association Charity Bazaar to promote my 'business'. I'm actually somewhat a bit nervous about it mostly because I know that most Indians are vegetarian, how are my products going to work in that environment? But a day before the event, I put that thought aside and told myself, "Just get it over with.. whatever happened, you'll get the chance to promote your products and meet new people who may or may not enjoy what you have to offer."

So there you go.

Overall, surprisingly I sold a huge amount of cupcakes. Most of the people who bought them said they were abso-fucking-lutely delicious and moist. That was a huge relief! And I get a new business opportunity along the way! In the end, I'm left with only two boxes of cupcakes which I could enjoy myself.

Hopefully, this will be a start of something amazing and bring in more business for me. Amen!

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