Sunday, November 24, 2013

These Days

Little A's progress in school has been amazing. He already got himself a group of friends that he hung out during school time. How cute is that? Academically, the teachers said Little A has been improving tremendously. Smart little guy. (And I'm sure all parents would say the same thing about their own child, but I tell ya, my boy is one smart kid haha).

In other aspect of my life. I've been working hard to get my old body back haha. As in flat tummy, toned body muscle overall. Not bad for a mom of one, eh? Speaking of being a mom, the husband and I are planning to try for another kid soon. Hopefully by next year, we'll have another little toes in our household.

Last weekend, we went to Little A's school friend's birthday party at PlayParq Bintaro. It was a fun little playground for kids (and big kids at heart like us).

Can you smell December just around the block? I can smell Christmas already!

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