Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Singapore: Day 2 (recap)

3 January 2014

It's time for LEGOLAND today! Got up bright and early because we're heading to Legoland Johor Baru Malaysia. Little A was super eager to get his hands on his favorite Lego toys.

We rented a car to take us to Johor Baru. It was only a 45 to 60 minutes drive from Singapore. If you're planning on taking a car/bus ride from Singapore to Johor Baru, make sure you don't forget your passport and the Singapore immigration card. Super important! There will be an immigration check point.

The weather was okay. It wasn't too scorching hot and it wasn't too cloudy. So no rain today! Thumbs up! The weather forecast predicted rain all day. So glad it ain't happening.

Okay, so let me tell you a bit about Legoland Johor Baru. It is fairly small compared to the one I've been to in Windsor, England. However, it is much cleaner than the one in Windsor. C'mon Brits.. step up your park maintenance. Anyway. Since it wasn't a peak season, the park was fairly quite. Not too crowded. Queue lines were 5 minutes tops. JOY!

We did most of the rides and attractions that Little A could do. We finished the whole park at around 4pm.. that was super fast! Thanks to the barely-no-queues in most rides. I find Asian's theme park were more strict with height restrictions compare to the States and Europe. Bummer some of the rides that Little A wanted to ride, he can't do because of the height restrictions. Whereas I remember specifically in Disneyland, he can ride lots of rides/attractions similar to the one in Legoland or Universal Studio Singapore. Nevertheless, Little A was super stoked about his visit to Legoland. We ended our day in Legoland with a shopping spree at Legoland's The Big Store in which Little A hauled a bunch of Legos to take home. Hope we'll get to visit more Legoland elsewhere soon!

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