Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Singapore: Day 3 (recap)

4 January 2014

So it's the fourth day in Singapore. Husband, Little A and myself decided to head out on our own to the S.E.A. Aquarium Sentosa. Apparently Guinness World Record of the largest aquarium in the world. So of course we had to check 'em out.

Weather forecast: supposedly cloudy with a chance of drizzles.
In actuality: SUNNY DAY! 

Little A wanted to take the 'train' to the aquarium.. so we took the MRT all the way to Vivo City. And then we walk through the boardwalk all the way to Sentosa Island. It was a nice day, what better way to enjoy your beautiful surrounding other than by walking?

Once we reached the entrance to Sentosa Island, we bought ourselves entrance tickets ($1 per person) and the aquarium tickets (which costs about $30-40 per person.. children under 4 can enter for free, yay).. Since it was close to lunch time, and we knew we would be spending quite a while inside the *largest* aquarium *in the world*, we decided to have lunch first at where else but McDonald's! I've been craving for their apple pie ever since we touched down at Singapore. Why don't the majority of Indonesians enjoys McDonald's apple pie and fillet of fish?! Stop it with the fried chicken and rice people. Why people? Why??


Tummy full? Let's GO. Little A was super stoked. Can't you tell?

What can I say about the aquarium. It's HUGE. It's CLEAN. It's AWESOME. Although I wish they had gotten fishes like Piranhas.. they don't. But overall it was amazing. And if you're hungry, they have many food stalls selling light meals (sandwiches, donuts, muffins) and beverages throughout the whole aquarium. So don't worry if you got hungry while inside!

By the time we reached the exit, we couldn't believe we have spent three hours inside the aquarium! It was totally worth it.

FYI, soon as you exit the aquarium, turn to the right, there's a gelato stall with shark tank view. The gelato were so so good. I swear.

After the S.E.A. Aquarium, we stroll around Sentosa Resort for a bit. We didn't do Universal Studio Singapore this time, maybe for our next Singapore visit. And then it started raining. So we took shelter by taking the shuttle train to Vivo City mall and did a little bit of shopping before heading back to Orchard street via MRT and had dinner at the 313 Somerset mall. It didn't stop raining.

My feet was super numb by the end of the day.

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