Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Singapore: Day 4 (recap)

5 January 2014

So it's our last day in Singapore (we're catching a flight back home with Garuda the very next day early afternoon).. we woke up a bit late today, we decided to take things easy. We're just going to stroll around Orchard road doing some hardcore shopping (not).

It was drizzling with rain all day today, so it was a bit difficult walking from place to place whilst juggling bags, stroller, shopping bags, umbrella and a 3,5 year old kid.

I was supposed to meet up with a friend and her family, but due to the non-stop rain, we had to make a rain check and meet some other time. Bummer. I was so looking forward to finally see her and her family.

Anyway. A new bonus though, I get to meet (although very brief) with my high school friend, Jana! It was so good to finally see her again after all these years. 

Later in the evening, we had dinner with my father's friend's family at this Chinese restaurant on the 35th floor of our hotel. I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant. And then it was time to start packing for our trip home the next day.

Until my next travel!

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