Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello No. 2

Wonderful news in our household!

So I guess we're expecting a new bundle of joy. How exciting! Even Little A couldn't help feeling a little overjoyed over the fact that he's about to become a big brother. Before I knew I was expecting another one, Little A mentioned a while back while pointing to my tummy: "ma, there's a baby in there.." I simply laughed it off.

But lo and behold. After I was late about a week, I finally took a home pregnancy test (no, make that 4 home pregnancy tests!) and it turned out positive (all four!).

Last weekend we went to see my obgyn, Dr. Azen Salim, at his clinic to confirm that yes I am pregnant with a second child. So yay. Big news for us! I'm hoping that I'll experience an easy breezy pregnancy like the first one.

About the First Pregnancy

My first pregnancy went pretty smooth and easy, despite the fact that during the second month of pregnancy I experienced Placenta Previa that I had to be hospitalized. Afterwards though, it was smooth sailing all the way until childbirth. Not many people may believe how easy my pregnancy was. But it's true! I experienced no cravings whatsoever, no nausea or morning/day/night sickness.. I was so full of energy that I still get to do hiking and pilates (in moderate amount). I only gained 9 kg throughout the whole pregnancy and lost it all soon after an easy normal childbirth (my secret? plenty of exercise and I did hypnobirthing). Some of you may say these stories are complete fantasy. But I believe that when you put your mind into it, it will go according to how you want it to be. You just have to believe hard enough and put positive thoughts and energy into your mind, body and soul.

Little A was born in less than two hours. I was in the hospital at 7.30AM with no labor pain, I thought for sure the nurses are going to send me back home. But when one of the midwives checked how far I was dilated, she was pretty surprised. I was already more than halfway to fully dilated. I took a short nap while she contact my doctor. At around 9-ish, they moved me to delivery room. Still no pain.. only discomfort is all I felt. Once the doctor arrived, he checked to see how far I was dilated, and he said it was completed! Since water hasn't broke, the doctor said he'd popped it. When that happened, I finally felt the labor pain kicked in. After two pushes, Little A was out.

About the Second One..

I'm hoping this second pregnancy will be just as easy as the first one. Although I'll do without that whole Placenta Previa drama, haha. Wish us all to be healthy, strong and smooth sailing until the day I have to give birth to this second child.

Until my next post!


  1. congrats, kara!

  2. Hi just stumbled upon your blog:) Wow you are so lucky to experience no pregnancy discomfort at all!!! Did you use Dr Azen for your first delivery? I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and am still loooking for a gynae in Jakarta.

    1. Hi Cassandra! First of all I apologize for not replying sooner! Ohmygosh your comment was dated April 17th 2014! I am so sorry! Must've missed it on my notification messages.

      To answer your question, yes I was with Dr Azen Salim for my first delivery. And I'm planning to have him as my doctor even for my next pregnancy. I'm very much comfortable with him and he really understands my needs and often silly requests (blame the pregnancy hormones).. Hope that helps! And please update me on your pregnancy story! I'm sure the little bundle of joy are born already? Cheers!