Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wish List: Givenchy Pepe Mini Pandora

Okay. Although this is not new (the bag I mean), I recently been overcame with wanting the Givenchy pepe mini Pandora bag SO BAD. I've been on the hunt for that perfect small bag with enough flair of chic and edgy-ness, and the perfect slouch just enough for daily wear (especially when I'm on the run with my kid or while I'm traveling). I think my choice comes down to this bag. It's small yet roomy enough to fit all my necessities.

While I have my other 'small' bags such as the Celine nano, the Balenciaga mini pompon, and even my small Chanel boy bag.. I find the Givenchy one is light enough for everyday use and has that casual cool feel to it. My Celine nano was too structured, and the Balenciaga mini Pompon were a bit on the heavy side (especially when I fill it with too many stuff). The Chanel boy one is perfect except for the fact that I worried I might ruin it by abusive use haha. I want that particular bag to last (and intact) for a looooong time.

So this one goes in my wish list.. hopefully I can get my hands on one of these babies SOON.

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