Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Japan: Day 2 - Tokyo (Recap)

10 May 2014 (Tokyo)

It's our second day in Tokyo! The weather couldn't be any perfect. It was sunny and bright.  Although it can get pretty unpredictable with the spring wind. The first day in Tokyo was fairly sunny although it get rather windy later in the afternoon. The wind was cold!

Anyway. Today we decided to head out to Omotesando and making our way to Shibuya etc later on. At least that was the main plan.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Japan: Day 1 - Tokyo (Recap)

Finally I'm starting my Japan trip recap story! Please bear with me on this one because it might take a couple of days to finish the whole thing. So here we go!

8 May 2014 (Jakarta)

We depart for Japan from Soetta Airport with the red eye flight (Garuda Airlines baby!). As with our previous trips, Little A was always such a joy to travel with. He was calm and cool as a cucumber throughout the whole flight.

9 May 2014 (Tokyo)

Finally arrived in sunny Tokyo! It was already late in the morning when we arrived.. at the airport we managed to get ourselves some pocket wi-fi to take us through the whole trip (better than having to pay roaming fee and whatnot!).

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gadgets Double Trouble

I know I haven't been posting anything for quite some time now. There's only 1 post on June 2014 and we're now almost reaching the middle of July. Here's the thing. Both my laptop and iPad have been gone error out on me at the same time! And I just haven't had the chance to have it fixed. My oh-so-nice husband is now lending me his laptop for me to use until both of my gadgets double trouble are being fixed.

Anyway. We're almost nearing the end of children's school holiday. My son will be starting school as a kindergarten student in a new school first thing on Monday.. how time flies by. I'm quite anxious about it. But excited at the same time.

What else has been happening? Oh yes. Yesterday was Indonesia's President election day. We're waiting for July 22nd for the final countdown on who will be our new President for the next 4-5 years? Hopefully the best candidates will win (namely the one I have voted for haha).

I will try to post more (and do the Japan vacation recap) in the next days or so. Be patient with me here. I'll see you soon!