Monday, July 21, 2014

Japan: Day 1 - Tokyo (Recap)

Finally I'm starting my Japan trip recap story! Please bear with me on this one because it might take a couple of days to finish the whole thing. So here we go!

8 May 2014 (Jakarta)

We depart for Japan from Soetta Airport with the red eye flight (Garuda Airlines baby!). As with our previous trips, Little A was always such a joy to travel with. He was calm and cool as a cucumber throughout the whole flight.

9 May 2014 (Tokyo)

Finally arrived in sunny Tokyo! It was already late in the morning when we arrived.. at the airport we managed to get ourselves some pocket wi-fi to take us through the whole trip (better than having to pay roaming fee and whatnot!).

It took us about an hour to reach our hotel from the airport. We stayed at Keio Plaza Hotel Shinjuku. We decided to stay in the Shinjuku neighborhood because it's the center of all center I should say. And the hotel was pretty close to the train station. Score! The hotel itself was awesome.. the room was pretty spacious for Tokyo standards. On the lower level of the hotel they had an array of restaurants and 24/7 convenient store (which I visited daily during our stay there).

After settling into our room, we decided to have a quick lunch at the hotel's restaurant before checking out the neighborhood.
My first meal in Tokyo: Tempura Soba (so yum!)

After a satisfying lunch, we head out to the Shinjuku street checking out what's what. I fell in love with Japan in an instant. Despite the unfamiliarity with the signage and language, it was pretty easy to, simply put, not get lost. Japanese people were very friendly too.. at least all the people I have met were very friendly.

We walked all the way to Tokyu Hands at the Takashimaya department store, which was about 10 minutes walking distance from our hotel. What is Tokyu Hands? Well, basically it is a huge 7-8 story store selling everything from home stuff, beauty products, gadget's accessories, knick-knacks and whatnot. I had a blast at the hobby section obviously. Bought myself some cute iPhone casing and accessories as well some random toys for Little A. I was thinking of getting myself one of these Onigiri (rice ball) headpiece.. but I didn't. I had to stop myself somewhere haha.

We strolled around for a bit throughout the neighborhood to see what they've got to offer. Before we knew it, our hungry were rumbling asking for food. Most of the restaurants that we saw didn't have any English signage so we kind of had to guess our way into.. if you know what I mean. After much consideration.. we decided to enter one small restaurant which smells so divine form the outside. Turned out it was a Negishi (or was it Negiri) Cow's Tongue Specialist. And it was so YUM. Perfection.

After dinner we decided to call it a night. Wouldn't want to exhaust ourselves for the next days to come. So we walked back to hotel, making a short stop at the convenient store to buy some desserts. The winner? This Japanese egg custard pudding:

Oh My God. Heavenly.

Until Day 2.. stay tuned!!

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